New music video is up and out on Collegehumor, FunnyorDie and Youtube!


Also, you can purchase the song on iTunes at

The video was directed by Paul Briganti and the dp was E. Gustavo Petersen. I co-wrote the music with Jack Dolgen who also supplied additional lyrics. The song was produced by Jack and Mike Geier at the Hidden Studio. It also features the human talents of Ian Littleworth and Courtney Bree, as well as the animal talents of Wile E. (my terrier), Bronco, Oscar, Oscar 2, Godzhuki, Gus, Jimi, Paige, Wendell and Milton.

Speical thanks to go to Ali Stroker, Nicole Shabtai, Logan Ludwig, Katy Foley, Tess Paras, Jack Dolgen, Curtis Gwinn, and Shelli Bloom.

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