[Contains No Spoilers] Superman can fly, but can he sing?

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Written & Directed by: Rhett & Link

Co-written by Rachel Bloom

Music Production: Mark Byers

Produced by: Stevie Wynne Levine
Director of Photography: Benjamin Eck
Editor: Benjamin Eck
Additional Camera: Jason Inman
Production Coordinator: Kendall Kanoa Hawley
Production Assistant: Lauren Fritz

Jackie Radinsky as Clark Kent/Superman
Delaney Joy as Lois Lane
Logan Gould as Jor-El and Zod
Isabella Juarez as Lara
Logan Prince as Pa Kent
Panu Yang as Sheep
Kameron Kotraba as Cow
Lincoln Neal as stagehand and clouds
Lilly Neal as stagehand and clouds
Locke McLaughlin as stagehand and clouds

Production Design: Rachel Gold, Rachel Kondrath
Costuming: Rachel Kondrath, Kendall Kanoa Hawley
Hair/Makeup: Lindi Taylor
Story Consultant: Jason Inman
Audio: Doug Beatty
Additional PAs: Chris Frederick, Adam Kessler

Special thanks to NODE Studios

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