When Nicole and Rachel decide to throw a baby shower for their expectant friend’s daughter, Nicole lets her personal issues get in the way. And it’s incredibly sad.

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Starring Rachel Bloom and Nicole Shabtai
Writers: Nicole Shabtai and Rachel Bloom
Starring: Nicole Shabtai and Rachel Bloom
Music: Jack Dolgen
Featuring: Shelly and Ayla Slocum
Director: Greg Burke
DP: E. Gustavo Petersen
Produced by: Nicole Shabtai and Rachel Bloom
Associate Producer: Marni Fruman
Art Director: Marni Fruman and Nicole Shabtai
Sound: Dustin Marshall
Makeup/Hair: Rachel Olson
Post Production by Captain Hippo
Party Guests: Chelsea Smart, Steven Brand, Steph Cheng, Rebekka Johnson, Brian Zingg, James Combs, Brittany Durie

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